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To register, enter your phone number where you will receive a 6-digit activation code via text message.
Once registration is completed you can create your first private group or browse the public channels available in “Suggested for you” section.

Groups are created to share experiences among friends and family members in a safe and private way.
You can create a group to share your private videos in a few simple steps:

  1. Click on the (+add group) link available at the top right
  2. Choose a photo to assign to your new group
  3. Assign a name and description to your new group
  4. Add one or more members to the group selected from your contact list
  5. Once your new group is created, you are ready to add your first video

Inviting new members can be done at any time, including by sharing a link and/or Qrcode.

With public channels you can explore your interests outside your circle of friends and family.
Right now the channels are created by Just’s editorial staff, but we are working to allow anyone to collaborate with other creators to promote a creative idea through a thematic channel.

Generating a short video with Just is quick and easy.
You can start a new recording directly from the App or upload videos in your smartphone’s camera roll incrementally.
The app joins each video into a single 30-second movie.
A music background can be added to the video by choosing from a library of over 90 million songs provided by Deezer.
It is possible to edit individual video clips before recording by performing video trim.
Before publishing, you are asked to enter a title and possibly you can enter a link that will be displayed as a call to action while viewing the video.

Just’s player allows videos to be viewed in a scrolling feed.
For each video, it is possible to leave a comment or like.
It is possible to add the video to one’s list of favorites, available in the personal profile.
Public channels can also be viewed through a web player.

In addition to your biographical information, your personal profile gives you access to the videos you have published and those you have saved as favourites.

Category: Sharing

Videos generated with Just can be easily shared on Instagram, TikTok, Facebook, Mail, Messages and more.
Videos can be forwarded to other groups and you can record them directly to your camera roll.




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For anything technical and related to the app write to this email address: